1.150.000 L.E

We aspire to build a successful brand and a chain of branches spread throughout the Republic .

The most important element of success is a partner who has the experience, competence and ability to withstand through strategic plans for success and continuity in all circumstances .


What is the franchise system?

The franchise system, or the franchise system, is an agreement between two parties, in which the franchisee grants the right to another party, who is the recipient of the franchise, to use his trademark or trade name, in addition to taking over some commercial systems and processes, so that the franchise recipient can produce and market a commodity Or, a specific service according to certain specifications, and the franchise recipient usually pays the franchise fee to its owner once, along with a percentage of sales revenue, as profits for him, which gives him the advantage of instantly recognizing his brand name, designing and creating a typical decor for buildings, experimenting with products, and delving into In detailed techniques in business management and promotion, employee training, and product development continuously increasing.

Investment costs

The investment cost is estimated at a financial amount of 1,150,000 EGP that includes all aspects of the project and is disbursed by the project owner with guidance and supervision through a trained team Construction and finishing costs Equipment costs Costs of goods, whether raw materials for services or products for resale Brand costs for 10 years Costs of employee uniforms Opening and initial advertising costs Accounting system costs and sales

Advantages of the franchise system

There are many advantages offered by the franchise system, the most important of which are: Franchises typically have a clear, recognized image and reputation, consistent management activities, and ongoing support. Financing a franchise-based business can be less than financing an existing business alone, because the cost of purchasing a franchise property is less than starting a business. Franchising offers independence for small business ownership while providing support for the advantages of a large business network. The franchise system can be managed without the need for business experience, and franchisors usually provide the training that franchisees need to run their business. The success rate of businesses based on the franchise system is higher than the success rate of startup businesses

Return on investment

The return on investment is estimated at 60% for the first year, up to 80% for the second year, to exceed 100% as of the third year And that is through continuous marketing through all continuous and intensive marketing and advertising channels throughout the year Among the main features of D-One Stop, which enhances its ability to attract the largest segment of the customer base ... is the multiplicity and diversity of commercial activities, as it is a café, a distinctive market, oil replacement for cars, quick maintenance, car care services with nano-ceramic technology, dialing, and express washing services. One stop contains 7 Integrated activities which enhance the sources of income and, by extension, enhance and maximize the resulting profits and reduce the risks for investment.

Why franchise with One Stop?

Obtaining a successful mark ensures stability, continuity, and gaining experience to face all circumstances and less risks to your investment. Administrative support, starting from training the project owner to the youngest employee, continuously through training courses throughout the project period that include all financial, marketing, sales and technical elements, both according to the specific job in coordination with the franchisor. Marketing support throughout the year with all advertising and marketing means, which is not borne by the small project on its own due to the high costs of marketing.

Logistical support for the supply of all products used for services or products intended for resale, which saves time for the franchisor to devote himself completely to the follow-up and good management of the project. Strategic support in crises, whether administrative or financial, which reflects positively on the ability of the franchisor to withstand crises and protect his investments. An operating manual that includes all the services provided in the branch in detail, the administrative structure and the financial and technical study of the branch Low risk rate due to the multiplicity of activities and income sources. Providing oil agencies (BENDIX , ELF)  and also providing an agency for car cleaning products (Mafra, an Italian agency) The presence of one stop on the application (Talabat_luky)


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