How We Market our Brand !

Marketing activity is a vital role in any organization life cycle. We believe that we direct communication with our customer is one of the most effective ways to increase our brand awareness within the market and keep word of mouse aloud.

We don’t ignore the role of digital marketing through the well-known channels like social media Apps, SMSs, E-mail. Another visual advertisements like brochure, flayer and outdoor advertisement campaigns is also take place to increase the reach and customer engagement.

Corporate deals with other brands is a point of interest in our marketing campaign, we always trying to get the best deals & offers to our clients as a vouchers or benefit from using our products & services. We couldn't ignore the Importance of Corporate Social Responsibility. As our believing in CSR demonstrates that our business takes an interest in wider social issues, rather than just those that impact our profit margins, which already attract customers who share the same values. 

Easy sport Elabd 28th April 2019

  1. Competition for the audience 

  2. Marketing for ONE STOP 


Fresky open day 26th June 2109

 An open day at Café Frisky where promoted one stop and the membership cards. 


 As a start of several events we’re planning to organize weekly in different governorates, we started in Shebin El-Kom promoting our products and services. The event sounded very well in the city. As a result, we sold an unexpected number of our products making us eager to organize events like this one in every governorate we’re planning to open and operate in.


Castrol CO Training 18th & 19th June 2019

  Training to introduce all Castrol products, their characteristics and competitive advantages.

MA-FRA CO Training 24th & 25th June 2109

  Training to introduce the company and its products and how to use these products in washing for the best efficiency.


Brand Awareness Campaigns

 Branding ONE STOP and its products and services in intensive campaigns in the streets of the governorates we’re planning to operate in. 


Offers and Deals (Free Voucher from Town Team)

Any customer buys any of Castrol

 (GTX- Magnetic – Edge) products gets a free 150EGP voucher from Town Team.


Offers and Deals (50% Discount Voucher)

  Any customer buys Castrol Magnetic product receives a 50% discount voucher on the second purchase of the same product.  


Offers and Deals (CSR)

 As a part of our Corporate Social Responsibility we are committed to donate 5% of our daily sales to charity organizations .


Apps Deals


You will find us there ( TALABAT & LUCKY ) APPs.